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I am often asked what kinds of drawing materials I am using..

Actually, the truth is, I am able draw on and with almost every material, so in fact brands and everything do not matter as much as all the tutorials are telling you.

When I started to draw I didn’t even had a proper table, and all I could afford were very cheap drawing materials.

But I did not care about the quality of materials, because I was happy just being able to draw.
No one could take it away from me, and this feeling is what I am keeping in my mind always.

I agree, just mess with everything you can find. I actually have a couple of drawings done with makeup haha. I know there are certain things that makes your drawing last longer (as in outlive you) or make the colors be brighter but that depends on your style (aka if you like your drawings with bright colors or monochromatic etc.) and is stuff you learn by experimenting and that wont work the same for others as it does for you.