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I am often asked what kinds of drawing materials I am using..

Actually, the truth is, I am able draw on and with almost every material, so in fact brands and everything do not matter as much as all the tutorials are telling you.

When I started to draw I didn’t even had a proper table, and all I could afford were very cheap drawing materials.

But I did not care about the quality of materials, because I was happy just being able to draw.
No one could take it away from me, and this feeling is what I am keeping in my mind always.

I agree, just mess with everything you can find. I actually have a couple of drawings done with makeup haha. I know there are certain things that makes your drawing last longer (as in outlive you) or make the colors be brighter but that depends on your style (aka if you like your drawings with bright colors or monochromatic etc.) and is stuff you learn by experimenting and that wont work the same for others as it does for you.

Isha’s clean up project

Taking ALL of my drawings from 2003 to 2014, selecting which ones I want to keep, organizing them and putting them in books ordered by character or media for easy access. Everything else goes to recycling.

I finished the Cookie (the bunny) book, now I’m working on the Pencil book. By now I already organized all the pages and I’m the process of pasting the drawings. I have 29 pages total and 15 of them are ready to be perforated and sewn. [edit: no, wait, i did it bigger than the scrapbook paper fuuuuuu now i have to start over.. f-it ill find something else to use as cover this time….]

Is not the best solution i bet but its better than nothing. My desk has space now ;v; I ended with 7 shopping bags full of paper for recycling and one big ass paper portfolio for the bigger notepads and old as heaven paintings. i took all the clean pages and hid them on the keyboard department of my desk for future use, now i have paper of every size possible in there i think.

What scares me is that i’ve only finished a mini book and 15 pages of one of the big ones and i’ve already killed one tube of glue and a half. and there will be a total of at least 5 big books, and a LOT of little ones for character references. I’m gonna be the GLUE QUEEN HAHAHAhahaa…… my OC folder is scary to look at. Its fatter than Guru from dbz.(note: i’ve been watching dbz while doing this project, hence the big amount of dbz and lack of drawings these past few days.)

Ps: *guru’s voice* NAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL